You will be encouraged to grow through serving

Founded in 6th June 2007, the center is now all set to launch the 13th batch of graduates into the Lord’s vineyard. We have experienced in a powerful way the faithful hand of the Lord these past nine years. It gives us immense satisfaction to train and equip students from different churches for the Lord’s work. In addition, we are able to provide wholesome meals to meet the physical needs.
A compact team of dedicated consecrated, visionary teachers; a well-maintained catering service, an efficient admin office and most importantly the wholehearted prayer support of the believers of Petra Fellowship. Learn More

Website: elishatrainingcentre.com

Elisha Training centre exists to produce workers that are equipped to build with servant leadership so as to bring the light of the gospel to the far reaches of the earth, this being a part and parcel of the vision imparted to us.


Monday : 10 am to 12pm

Wednesday : 10 am to 12pm

Thursday : 10 am to 12pm

Evening Bachtch : 7pm to 9pm Only Wednesday


We have sent out 12 batches of workers equipped with tools, trained to evangelize and disciple the world they step into.